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6 tips on the success of the 3 months

2018/6/5 11:01:55 Viewers:
An industry has been doing it for several years, and suddenly it is very difficult to change it. Many people tell me that freelancers are so cool. I also want to be. Can you tell me how to succeed in transition?
For transformation, the biggest difficulty is that it is economically difficult and risky.
But it's not all the same. Chris once said, "natural talent will help you move forward, but it can't protect you forever. You need entrepreneurship, but at the same time you need experience and patience to get things done. "
The specific recommendations are as follows:
01, upgrading skills
The cost of acquiring skills is now very low. You are sure of your new industry, so go to the class, or you can go to other relevant companies, and if you have an economic basis, go directly to the training class.
02, now start saving some money
Because in the transition period, you have to eat and drink, and you have to spend money on your studies. Now that you still have your salary, you can save a little bit every month. Maybe take money to make money, interest is also OK, the key is not to spend.
03, learn the knowledge of advertising marketing
What's the usage? It's very useful. You have to learn to sell yourself. Do you know why there are many talented poor people in the world? Because they don't know how to sell themselves, they always feel that they are talented. They should be looking for him.
But the smell of wine is really afraid of the alley because the price of storefront is always higher than that of the alley.
So learn a point of marketing positioning knowledge, no matter what you do in the future, or as a freelancer, in the shortest possible time, let the interviewer clear your advantage, let customers find your personality characteristics.
04, reading, writing records
I suggest that you have the lowest cost, but the most effective thing, perhaps you do not love reading, and do not love writing, but for the future, insist on 6 months, enough.
Because after 6 months of persistence, you will find that you have fallen in love with these two things.
05, reduce the cost of life and temporarily reduce the living standard
In a difficult period, a difficult way is to be used. Why do you say you want to be wronged yourself? If you don't feel wronged, then you can continue to feel wronged and do something you don't like.
06, learning to change anxiety
There may be a blank period, you will be anxious, do not know if you can persist in this way, can you succeed? What do you do when you are sick and have no money to see a doctor? I'm not self disciplined enough to learn how to do it?
Try to learn to meditate. The first thing that many millionaires get up in the morning is meditation and reading. Now you think you've lived a millionaire's life, and you can turn your anxiety well.
It is true that hard work and diligence are right, but the farther you can go, the spiritual driving force. After all, the body, we are still young now, and can survive.