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Black screws are more likely to rust? Teach you to prevent black screws from rusting!

2018/5/25 10:15:33 Viewers:

Many sourcing found that the blackening screws are very easy to rust. Many enterprises have repeatedly received complaints, accusing enterprises of selling inferior products. So is this true? Whether the blackening screws are easier to rust is explained by the surface technology of screws.
Blackening is a chemical surface treatment process, the principle is to produce a layer of oxide film on the surface of the metal, thereby isolating the air, to achieve anti rust effect. In the comparison of several common surface processes, such as galvanizing, cadmium electroplating and dacroa, it can be seen that although the cost of blackening is cheaper and beautiful, its anti rust performance is poor and easy to rust.
The process determines the prerequisite for poor performance of blackening and rust prevention. But there are ways to protect blackening screws from rust.
First of all, after producing blackening screws, one step is to lubricate screws. Some customers will need to wipe off the oil during the purchase, which makes the screw lose the protection. It is easy to rust in wet environment such as rainy days during the transportation process.
Secondly, the rusting of screws has a lot to do with the storage environment. The warehouse should avoid wet environment, and the packing must be sealed. Or, when you store it, spray a layer of rust preventive oil.