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The application rate of galvanized drum is generally higher in various industries

2018/6/11 17:39:32 Viewers:
Galvanized roller is now used in all walks of life, the popularity rate is high, and then the specifications and models of galvanized drum are numerous. How do users choose their own galvanized rollers in a wide variety of models?
The structure and principle of this type of equipment should be understood first in the selection and purchase of galvanized roller. Following the mechanism and principle of the galvanized roller produced by Dongguan Shun Cai Yi Industrial Co., Ltd., the structure principle of the YZ type oil cooled galvanized roller, when the motor drives the eccentric sleeve, the cycloid gear is swinging, and the force is passed to the needle tooth. Pin, the eccentric sleeve turns a circle cycloid gear to move the pin pin or tooth, or two teeth to make the drum speed down and rotate.
When running, the pin shaft, pin bush and pin tooth sleeve of the pin tooth pin make the dynamic friction become rolling friction. The bearing parts of the product are made of bearing steel. High accuracy, long service life, low noise and high rotation efficiency.

In the cavity of the oil cooled galvanized drum, the motor with a circular radiator is supported by the left and the right. The axle head of the YD type two lanes is fixed on the support outside the roller, and the square axle of the DY type blue axis is fixed on the belt conveyer. The motor spindle rotation drives certain external gear and a pair of internal meshing gears to make the drum speed down and rotate. In the inner cavity of the cylinder, there are cooling lubricants. When the drum is rotated, the oil will be able to scour the motor shell to cool and lubricate the gear and the bearing roller. The main parts are the roll body initial car, the primary school static balance, the axle head interference assembly welding, the fine car and the fine alignment balance and so on. If the behavior tolerances such as roundness, cylindricity and straightness are below 0.2mm, after grinding, the external cylindrical grinder or the roller grinder should be grinded. If the surface hardness is required, the heat treatment process needs to be increased. The galvanized drum is classified according to size, such as a large roller, such as paper machine (over 10 meters in length, more than 1500mm in diameter), and a small type of roller (usually within 1 meters long) for the belt conveyed on automatic line (generally within 1 meters), and the diameter is also divided by the function, so as to ensure the accuracy of transmission, such as The roller on the digital laser printer has the press roller on the paper machine, such as the press roller on the paper machine. There is a support roller for the small size precision, the roller with heat exchange, and the heavy sprocket roller also has the heavy pressure filter roller, etc.
Outside the motor, Cao Yong and the support directly or divided form, through the axis 9S or liquid power coupling 9S drive the input shaft rotation, the power into the inner cylinder, the reduction principle is the same as the YZ galvanized drum. Because of the external motor, it solves the problem of heat dissipation of the large power motor well, so that the power of the drum can be greatly improved.
Structure principle of galvanized cylinder with type external loading
The outer part of the motor is connected with the bearing, and the power is transmitted into the cylinder through the input shaft. Drive an external engaging gear and a pair of internal meshing gears to make the cylinder speed down and rotate. When the drum rotates, the coolant lubricates the gears and bearings.