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The short cut is just a step in every step

2018/5/28 9:18:57 Viewers:
I have a friend who has been promoted to department manager through his parents' relationship in less than two years. In other people's opinion, it is really lucky to have such a shortcut. But in the next few years, friends are becoming more and more powerless in their work.
Although he has a certain prestige as a manager, his employees only have superficial respect for him, and they do not obey him in private. After all, the friends are still young, the professional experience is shallow, their ability to be improved, the reaction is not too mature, and even often give his team the wrong direction of the wrong direction.
For example, he insisted that "wine fragrance is not afraid of the alley"; when it is to do the product, he put his energy on the extension business; when it is to do fine management, he insists on the extensive management model.
Having realized the seriousness of the problem, friends decided to put aside their airs and work with the grass-roots employees of the company from the most basic work. From design, production, packaging products to how to find channels, do sales and expand business, he takes every step to make up all the homework before.
Friends say that when they have the ability to become managers again, their hearts are steadfast, steady and calm.
Many of us tend to be anxious to get a promotion and pay raise when our ability is not enough. At this point, what we should do is not to concentrate our efforts on climbing up branches, but to settle down and work hard. If the foundation is unstable, it is necessary to omit the process of adding bricks and tiles to oneself. Then, even if it occupies a high position, it will be crumbling and may even fall very badly.
I remember when I first started learning a car, I especially liked to add it before the speed was raised. Sometimes, when the speed is 20 yards, I add to the 4 gear. The result is that the car is shaking violently, and it will be easily extinguished.
Later, the coach taught me that we must first mention the corresponding speed, so that the power of the car is enough, and then step on the clutch, shift gears, gas door. In this way, the car will smoothly connect, and then move on.
In fact, human growth is the same as driving. At the beginning, when you use 1 gears, it is almost impossible to drive the car in 5 gears. A little progress, and then 2 gear, 3 gear forward at a uniform speed.  When you are young, you read books, you have knowledge, and you finish your job, then you can go to work. But it is impossible to succeed at the very beginning.
When you are mature enough, you can change gears 4 and 5. Just like people in middle age, they can often carry on the task, bear the blame, and have some skills to climb the peak of life.
In every stage of life, there is no shortcut. If you want to grow up, you need to go all the way to experience and experience, and gradually gain experience and experience in the process.
I have seen a story.
A mother, who had traveled far and wide, after many twists and turns, took her 8 year old son to find a famous writer's residence. The mother pleaded with the writer and asked him to teach his son to write a good article which was astonishing and then let his son become famous in a short time.
The writer was very helpless, so he wrote the secret on a piece of paper and put it in the envelope, so that she could take her child home to see it.
As a result, when the mother came home, she looked at it hastily and found only three words on it.
It's not surprising. All people have to lay the foundation for success. If you want to write a good article, you will have fluent writing, clear thinking and ingenious layout as well. In this process, the books you should read, the exercises you should do, the trial and error you should have and the attempt you have to do are equally indispensable.
When I was a child, I often asked adults when they could be like them, without reading or writing homework, and playing for as long as they wanted to play.
At that time, the adults always told me that you still have a long way to go. So, I wait and wait, wait for, look forward, read the primary school, into high school, to high school, into the University, and then really grow into an adult only to discover, the original growth way, really did not drop a somersault, test less one time, less one year book.
Everything in the world has its laws, such as spring seed, summer long, autumn harvest and winter storage. When you keep your mind, don't be in a hurry. When you work hard, don't try to make a surprise. When you sharpen your mind, you can't ask for a sudden enlightenment.
The more reliable your foundation is, the more complete your process is, the longer your efforts persist, and your growth will be more prone to qualitative leaps. In the end, you will understand that in this life, many things are not urgent. If you want to harvest, the pain of eating, the sweat of the stream, and the tired of it should not be less.
Some setbacks can not be avoided, some processes are not allowed to be saved, and some shortcuts are not feasible. So don't worry, don't panic, and don't play smart. Believe that the quickest way to success is not to overtake corners. Every day and every year, we can finally lead a good life.