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Safety regulations and safety protection of longitudinal welder for argon arc welding

2018/6/9 12:31:20 Viewers:
1) welding facilities must be equipped with fire protection equipment, such as sand box, fire extinguisher, fire hydrant and bucket. The flammable goods should not be less than 5m in the welding place. If the distance can not be met, the asbestos board and asbestos cloth can be properly covered to prevent Mars from falling into flammable goods. The explosive material must not be less than 10m. Argon arc welding workplaces should have good natural ventilation and fixed mechanical ventilation devices to reduce the harm of argon arc welding harmful gas and metal dust.
2) manual tungsten inert gas welder should be placed in dry and ventilated place and strictly operated according to the instruction manual. The welding machine should be inspected thoroughly before use. Make sure there are no hidden dangers, and then connect the power. The welding can be applied after the normal operation is normal. To ensure that the welding machine is properly connected, it must be well and firmly grounded to ensure safety. The power supply of the welding machine is controlled by the switch on the power board, and the load switch is strictly prohibited to avoid burning the shape contacts.
3) check the working condition of the cooling water system of the argon arc welding gun regularly, and find that the blockage or leakage should be solved immediately, so as to prevent the burning gun from burning and affect the welding quality.
4) when the welding personnel leave the workplace or the welder is not used, the power must be cut off. If the welder is out of order, it should be repaired by professional personnel. Safety measures such as electric shock should be well protected during maintenance. The welding machine should be cleaned and cleaned at least once a year.
5) the high frequency electromagnetic field produced by the high frequency oscillator of TIG welder can cause dizziness and fatigue.  Therefore, the time of high frequency electromagnetic field should be minimized during welding, and the high frequency power will be cut off immediately after igniting the arc. A soft metal braided wire shield is applied outside the welding torch and welding cable (one end of the hose is connected to the welding torch, the other end is grounded, and the outside is not insulated). If conditions permit, the crystal pulse arc should be used as far as possible to replace the high frequency starting arc.
6) when the argon arc welding is applied, the intensity of ultraviolet ray is very strong. It is easy to cause electro ophthalmia and arc burn, and produce ozone and nitrogen oxides to stimulate the respiratory tract. Therefore, welders should wear white canvas work clothes, wear masks, face masks and protective gloves, foot covers and so on. In order to prevent electric shock, the insulating rubber should be covered on the ground near the work table, and the staff should wear insulating rubber shoes.
safety protection
(1) ventilation measures should be well ventilated at the working site of argon arc welding, so as to discharge harmful gases and soot. In addition to ventilation in factory buildings, several axial fans are installed in the place where the welder is concentrated and the welding workload is large.
In addition, local ventilation measures can be used to remove harmful gases around the arc, such as open arc smoke hood, smoke exhaust welding torch and portable small fan.
(2) as far as protective radiation is concerned, the cerium tungsten electrode with extremely low radiation dose is used as far as possible. When the thorium and cerium tungsten pole are processed, they should be grinded with sealed or pumped grinding wheels. The operator should wear personal protective products such as masks and gloves. After processing, the hands should be cleaned. The thorium and cerium tungsten poles should be stored in the aluminum box.
(3) measures to protect high frequency
In order to prevent and weaken the effects of high-frequency electromagnetic fields, the measures adopted are:
1) the workpiece is well grounded, and the welding cables and ground wires should be shielded with metal braided wires.
2) to reduce the frequency properly;
3) try not to use high frequency oscillator as an arc stabilizer to reduce the time of high frequency electrical action.
(4) other personal protection measures
During argon arc welding, due to strong ozone and ultraviolet radiation, it is advisable to wear non cotton work clothes (such as acid resistant, tussah silk, etc.). Personal ventilation measures such as air supply helmet, air mask or respirator can be used when welding inside the container and not using partial ventilation.