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Normal operation of twin screw extruder and matters needing attention

2018/12/18 9:51:36 Viewers:
Normal operation of twin screw extruder

When the twin screw extruder is in normal operation, the following items should be paid attention to frequently:

(1) Through the window of the upper part of the feeding port, observe whether the feeding condition of the material is stable and even declining.

(2) Monitor the operation of the screw-driven motor, whether the current value has abnormal changes.

(3) Monitor the temperature and head pressure display in each heating area and record the working status of the instrument regularly, record the actual indicative value, pay attention to the alarm signal exceeding the limit, and deal with the abnormal situation in time.

(4) Monitor the temperature, abnormal noise and vibration of motor, reducer bearing and other parts.

(5) Pay attention to the leakage of melt in the head and other joints.

(6) Pay attention to the working condition of the cooling system and whether it plays the role of regulating the temperature.