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Commonly used fixture materials

2019/8/17 13:32:20 Viewers:

These raw materials are used for manufacturing fixtures and fixtures, but different raw materials have different uses. Each kind of raw material has different characteristics. Follow me to get a general idea of the use of each kind of raw material.

1. A3, 45, the raw material is cheap, usually used in the motherboard without auxiliary fixture;

2. P20, CR12MOV, usually the important parts of fixture, because the selected raw materials can wear-resistant, will strengthen the service life of products, and ensure the accuracy of application;

3. The main raw materials of S136 are wear resistance and rust resistance. Usually used in welding fixtures is a common raw material.

4. SKD11 raw materials are usually used in checking tools and some sophisticated and wear-resistant fixtures.

5. Tungsten steel, this raw material is used a little bit less, because the cost of raw materials is quite expensive, usually used in meticulous inspection tools, mainly if the wear resistance and rust resistance is high