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Matters needing attention in various parts of surface grinder

2018/6/9 13:07:43 Viewers:
In the operation of surface grinder, we should pay more attention to the operation of each part of the surface grinder.

Positioning: the machine tool should reserve more than 300mm outside the maximum movement space, tighten each foot screw, and the level of the table is around 0.04/1000mm. (installation frequency converter requires higher); every three months, check the work table level and tighten each foot screw.
Three thousand and sixty
Grinding wheel: the selected grinding wheel must be able to withstand more than 2000m/min of cycle speed. The use of damaged grinding wheels is prohibited. The new wheel must be balanced on the flange.  Before the formal grinding, the grinding wheel should be turned for 5 minutes. The maximum feed rate is below 800mm, the grinder is 0.03mm, and the 800mm grinder is 0.05mm.

Spindle: before installing the grinding wheel, the spindle must be rotated clockwise. When the machine is opened, the main shaft must be opened and the water is opened.

Hydraulic device: the surface grinding machine uses a viscosity of 46 hydraulic oil.

Basic structure: the new machine needs to replace hydraulic oil after three months, and then it will be replaced once a year. Check the hydraulic oil level everyday, and the oil level should be between the lowest and the highest line. Before starting the hydraulic motor, make sure that the flow speed governing lever is in the closed position. The hydraulic pressure should be opened after the magnetic absorption is first opened.
Sixty thousand two hundred and twenty

Lubricating device: lubricating oil with guideway of viscosity 32. Confirm fuel tank (tank) quantity every day to ensure that it is above the line. Check the guide rail oil well every week and prevent the guide rail from losing oil. It is suggested that the tank be cleaned once every three months. The grease is regularly added as specified.

Left and right mechanism: it is forbidden to adjust the left and right stroke when the workbench is moving. When the working cable is loose, adjustment should be made immediately. (this article applies to manual type)

The filter box for flushing and vacuum cleaning devices must be cleaned every two weeks. The cold water tank must be cleaned once a month. No air gun is used to clean the plane grinder.