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Why do bimetal band saw blades lose teeth

2018/12/24 15:06:15 Viewers:

Why do bimetal band saw blades lose teeth?

Many people don't know the use of bimetal band saw blades. How did they lose their teeth? Or is it called teeth beating or broken teeth? Next, we summarize the following reasons for users by synthesizing years of experience:

1. The sawing machine is shaken by the surrounding forging equipment.

2. The sawing machine is unstable and trembling.

3. Workpiece is not tightened and loosened during sawing.

4. Anti-alignment of saw band teeth.

5. Inappropriate selection of tooth shape, too large or too small pitch.

6. Saw frame descends too fast and improper operation causes tooth tip to impact workpiece.

7. The new belt does not run in.

8. The clamped workpiece has slag inclusion and hard point.

9. The top guide block is damaged. When sawing, the saw band rises and the serrated teeth collide with the side guide block.

10. When the lifting cylinder enters the air, the oil quality is not good, the cylinder is worn out, and the control valve is out of control, all of these make the sawing frame unable to descend uniformly, resulting in teeth beating.

Please pay attention to the above ten points, which will greatly reduce the probability of bimetal band saw blade teeth.