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What are the safety precautions when sand blasting is removed?

2018/6/9 12:29:00 Viewers:
1, in the sand blasting construction, do a good job of personal safety protection, wear the necessary protective equipment, can not be naked arm work, to avoid harm to the body;
2, at least two people should be kept in construction, not less than two persons, so that the situation can not be handled in time.
3. The air compressor needs to be checked before the air compressor is used to ensure the seal. When the jet is ejected, it needs to be tested. If the ventilation and dust removal equipment fails, the sand blasting will be stopped.
4, the air compressor pressure is best not to exceed 0.8MPa, and when using the air compressor, the valve needs to be opened slowly, not too urgent.
5, when the jet is working, no staff should be approached to avoid injury to the personnel, and the injury intensity will be considerable.
6, prohibit the alignment of personnel.
7, after the use of the dust removal equipment will stop running for 5 minutes, then shut down, to avoid damage to the machine.