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Practicality of surface treatment polishing

2018/5/25 10:18:12 Viewers:

With the progress of the society, the requirements for the polishing of parts are becoming more and more strict, not only need to be practical, but also look good in appearance. This requires the appearance of polishing. Our company is a factory specializing in the production of polishing materials. We are adhering to the concept of quality priority, expanding step by step in the industry. The introduction of advanced machinery and equipment and first-class production line, if you want to buy Han Tong abrasive products, we are right to choose.

When polishing materials are polished, there are many kinds of polishing methods. Most people think that stainless steel is not rusty. In fact, it is not like this. Like many other metals, it will be oxidized and rusty when the hand contact or contact air is affected by the environment. In addition, the surface of stainless steel workpiece is machined, for example, welding. After the processing of joint, stamping, curling and heat treatment, a layer of black oxidation and metamorphic hardened layer has been formed, and many tiny burrs and sharp corners which are invisible to the naked eye and sharp angle are formed. In general, it is difficult to remove them by mechanical method and affect the performance of the properties of the material. In order to solve these problems, people use various methods to polish and Polish Stainless steel and other metal surfaces.

In the process of the surface treatment of the workpiece with polishing material, the requirement of high polishing process is used. Because of the advantages of high strength, strong corrosion resistance and good heat resistance, stainless steel is widely used in industry, and the petrochemical industry, electronic machinery, medical equipment, light industrial products and personal residential decoration are used.  Stainless steel products are all used in advanced hotel facilities. However, in the process of production, stainless steel is produced by casting, die forging, heat treatment and other processes. A layer of black oxide skin is formed on the surface, or the micro unevenness is left in the process of machining. In order to obtain the smoothness, brightness and service life of the stainless steel surface, it is necessary to carry out proper mechanical polishing of stainless steel, then chemical polishing or electrochemical polishing, in order to improve the value of the stainless steel and make it practical.