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Maintenance of filter core of vacuum oil filter

2018/6/8 17:53:04 Viewers:

The filter core of the vacuum oil filter is a product which is used to keep the hydraulic oil clean in the oil filter. The filter core of the filter is how to ensure the cleanliness of the oil for a long time. The key is to use it correctly. First, we should choose the filter core of the vacuum oil filter, because the model between the filter core and the equipment of the vacuum filter is matched, if the selection is not available. When it affects the filtering effect.

The filter core of the vacuum oil filter needs to be cleaned and replaced in time because in the time of purifying the oil, the impurities in the oil are all gathered on the top of the filter core. The oil filter speed will slow down for a long time and the oil quality is not clean enough.
The axial pressure can not be increased during use. If so, the oil can pass through the filter quickly, but it will often crush the filter element and affect the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil.

In order to ensure the cleanliness of the filter element of the vacuum oil filter, we must clean the filter element of the vacuum filter in time.
1, before cleaning the vacuum filter, we must stop the operation of the oil filter, close the oil inlet and outlet pipeline, and turn off the power switch.
2. Open the drain valve and drain all the oil in the filter until the oil flow is finished. When the oil is released, the bleed valve can be opened to speed up the oil release.
3. Open the filter cover and remove the filter cartridge after you have finished.
4. Filter cartridge of vacuum oil filter. Remove the filter cartridge and put it into the oil pan containing oil. Soak for 30 minutes and then clean it with gas.
5. Remove the sediment on the surface of the filter with a brush and wipe the filter with a cloth.
6, then install the filter core, lock the filter bolt. Finish cleaning can be put into use. How to maintain the vacuum oil filter to reduce the failure of the vacuum oil filter is used to filter out the impurities, water and other substances in the oil, so as to purify the quality of the crude oil. The working principle of the vacuum oil filter is to separate the residue from the oil through the centrifugal force of the rotating drum so as to achieve liquid solid separation.

So how can the vacuum oil filter be changed when it is stopped?
1: the condenser of vacuum oil filter and heater should be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will affect efficiency and shorten life.
2: when the vacuum filter is not used, the waste oil in the vacuum pump should be exhausted and injected with new oil.
3: after the outdoor low temperature environment is finished, the storage water from the vacuum pump to the condenser must be cleaned to prevent freezing and damage to the equipment.
4: when the operating vacuum oil filter needs to be interrupted, the operation of the oil pump should be stopped after the heating power 5min is disconnected in order to prevent the hydrocarbon gas from heating up in the middle part of the oil road.