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Characteristics of PUR hot melt adhesive sponge composite machine

2018/6/13 14:52:35 Viewers:
1. the hot-melt adhesive is free of solvents and is the ideal green glue.

2. hot melt adhesive does not contain water, no need to dry, compound speed is fast.

3. compound process, solid reaction, irreversible, firm adhesion and water resistance;

4. strong stickiness, save the amount of glue, that is, the cost of saving.

5. the compound process is fully automatic control, basically without tension, light and soft, and good handle.

The 6. heat source is hot oil, and the heat is fast and the heat is uniform.

7. the gel system is independent and the sol is fast enough.

8. glued fabric with glue, finished product has good air permeability and strong sense of three-dimensional.

9. the humanized design of the machine, that is, the provincial operator.