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What new changes and new trends will the precision machining industry usher in in 2018

2018/5/5 14:44:06 Viewers:
In 2018, it can be said that the opportunity and challenge of the precision machining industry coexist. Now it is the era of high efficiency and the advanced network communication. The traditional manufacturing enterprises will suffer unprecedented challenges. Many people who are willing to try and eat crabs are already on the road of change.
1, industry automation, intelligent industrial upgrading and reform have been widely recognized and sought after in the industry, and many enterprises are also in their own way to implement their own automation projects, such as GREE, the United States, Foxconn and so on have their own automated implementation team. Small and medium-sized enterprises unable to build their own automation teams are also trying hard to build their own automation processes through various channels.
2. The state policy has been planning the industrial 4 planning ahead of time. Whether it is based on Industrial 3 automation or based on the two integration of the 4 industrialization and informationization, it has pointed out the direction for China's manufacturing industry from the overall situation and, more importantly, has given great support to technology and funds on many projects. The strength of the holding is unprecedented.
3, the automation supporting enterprises are in full bloom, the crazy emergence of various robotic company, the continuous innovation of all kinds of automation control technology, and the emergence of various automation schemes, all let us really feel the vitality of this industry, and see its potential as a precision machining industry. Manufacturing enterprises, if you do not have any automation upgrade ideas, you are embarrassed to chat with others.
4, the traditional manufacturing industry will suffer unprecedented challenges. This challenge has not only the high cost of labor, but also the inuniformity of product quality. Many enterprises in China do not have the excessive conditions from making products to high quality products, and this condition is more ideologically lacking, and these enterprises still locate the products. In the "sufficient and capable" level, no enterprising to "good use, want to use" such a height, the product manufacturing sector is in the "Shanzhai" to "independent research and development" in the process of transformation, those unconventional enterprises will become a new round of shuffling victims.
5. With the further increase in the gap between China's available labor force and the continuous development of the third industry, the precision machinery industry will have an embarrassing situation with no successors, especially the traditional manufacturing industry, which is completely dependent on manpower, especially the post-90s and 00 later generations, facing a variety of job markets and stable homes.  They are more willing to spend their energy and time on their interests and hobbies. They are more capital and willing to desire freedom and beauty. They have more balance space between their work and life, and the "dirty, tired, messy and poor" in the traditional machinery industry will greatly affect their choice of business. It can even be bold to predict that if China does not take the road of automation and intellectualization, the labels of manufacturing powers will also fade away from our vision.
6, the high integration of industrial Internet, robot, automation, intelligent induction equipment, information, data processing and other cross industries will be widely used in the manufacturing and mechanical industries. A product from R & D, procurement, manufacturing, debugging, sales, service to corporate finance will be due to the emergence of industrial Internet. Becoming visible, timely and controllable, the development of mobile terminals has also made many decisions and empowerment more stereoscopic and spatialization. Any time can be work time, any place can be an office, which is a realistic possibility.
7. The product production of the enterprise will turn from large-scale mass production to high quality, good service, and customizable direction, to export high value-added products to the market, to establish brand bargaining power is the winning way for the future development of the enterprise. The good enterprise no longer blindly pursue big and complete, but should pay more attention to the strong and fine production. The products of the stream, the first class brand, the first-class service, the most loyal customers, the perfect self, the enterprise no longer pursue the big, but the pursuit of good life.
8, customized products, personalized products will become the bridge of communication between enterprises and customers, "we are different" will become the common pursuit of enterprises and customers.
9. The collision of various business models in the industry and the intertwining of various operating modes between industries will occur in the precision mechanical processing industry, especially the revolutionary changes brought about by the Internet, which will bring about a subversive change to the machinery industry, the substantial integration of the real economy and the virtual economy, and the boundary will also be on the border. Gradually blurred and even vanished.
10, the talent gap in the high-end manufacturing industry will be further increased, the demand for talents and the training of talents in Colleges and universities are further aggravated. Vocational education is expected to be combined with academic education, and the university is not the only purpose of academic education alone, and it will be a possibility to deliver qualified technical talents to enterprises. At the same time, the cooperation between enterprises and universities will be closer and mutually beneficial.
11. The independent innovation and R & D awareness of enterprises will be further strengthened, and the enterprises will be put into practice. The state will further improve the standards and systems of intellectual property rights, and promote and promote the development of intellectual property rights.