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Gasoline RC Car

2018/5/9 12:31:56 Viewers:
Note: this column is written by Mr. Bamboo, founder of RCFans. All the articles are published in the magazine named Car and Driver, which can be purchased in the book newsstands all over China. If anyone reprints the article in this column, it must be licensed by the original author Bamboo and "famous car". Otherwise, any reprint and reference are embezzled.

We used to introduce the "oil remote control model car" using the special fuel of methanol and nitro. This model car accelerates fast and is flexible, but it is a pity that there is no model store in some cities and towns in China, and it is relatively difficult to buy special fuel. Is there a remote control model car that can enjoy the surging sound of engines and buy fuel easily? The gasoline remote control model car is the best choice!
As the name suggests, the gasoline remote model car (hereinafter referred to as "gasoline car") is a remote control model car with gasoline as fuel. Players can experience a unique gasoline vehicle driving pleasure after adding 90 to 97 gasoline for the model car and then mixing two stroke oil. The gasoline remote control model car is large in volume, most of which is 1/5 of the real car. The main types of the car include the gasoline off-road car, the gasoline truck, the gasoline truck and the gasoline flat car. The exhaust volume of the engine is divided into three kinds of 23cc, 26CC and 29cc. The biggest advantage of the gasoline car is the convenience of fuel purchase, the cheap fuel price (the special fuel relative to the oil - operated remote control car), and the careful and tedious maintenance of the car, as well as a small scale remote control car.

The structure of the gasoline remote control model car is very close to the real car. The gasoline engine uses the two stroke gasoline engine. The principle of the engine is consistent with the working principle of the motorcycle engine, and the structure is simple, the performance is stable, and the maintenance is convenient. In addition, most parts of the gasoline remote control car are made of high strength aluminum, the frame is high and the damage rate is low. At the same time, the center of the car is located in the middle of the frame, and the center of the whole car is located behind the middle of the middle. Most of the world's super sports cars have the same center of gravity, so the gasoline vehicles are flexible in handling and smooth in walking.  Moreover, the volume of the gasoline car is large, the requirements for the walking road are not so harsh as a small proportion of the remote control car, and the four wheel of the gasoline car is suspended independently, the large stroke is hydraulic shock avoidance, which makes the vehicle road through the ability extremely strong, so the gasoline remote control car is very realistic, whether it is the engine sound and the walking posture!

The gasoline remote control model car first appeared in the developed countries in Europe and America. Asia has been unable to popularize the gasoline remote control model car because of the site limitation. However, since 2006, after the HPI company launched the Baja gasoline vehicle, the gasoline vehicle began to be popular all over the world, even in the latest season of the British BBC "Top Gear" auto program. The gasoline remote control model car and BMW Z4 sports car competition. In the world today, the main brands of gasoline vehicles are HPI, FG, MCD and China's first Hao, FS and HSP. Because of the stable performance and the appropriate price of the HPI Baja series, the FG brand is the ancestor of the gasoline remote control model car, and the FG product is well done and the frame design is highly true, so the FG brand can be compared to the Ferrari in the remote control gasoline vehicle, even if the FG gasoline remote control car is placed at home. It will also be a worthwhile appreciation of the art of art!