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What should we pay attention to when the stainless steel round hole puncher is operated?

2018/7/12 21:23:13 Viewers:
Because of the stainless steel circular pipe punching machine in the process of operation need to be used very much to complete the work of punching, so in the operation of the situation can be too close to the body to contact the processing area, so as not to cause accident harm to the safety of the person. Therefore, in the whole operation process, we should be very careful. Specifically, the tube punching machine should pay attention to the following aspects when operating.
1. Check the tools before use
Before running the circular pipe punching machine, a series of preparations must be done, especially when the punch and the lower die blade must be checked, if there are any sundries, it should be cleaned first. At the same time, it is also necessary to lubricate the lubricating oil on the upper part of the punch of the punch punch. If it is a hydraulic circular pipe punching machine, it should also check the seal of the cylinder. If there is leakage, it should be processed in time.
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Two. Pay attention to the debugging work
For the hydraulic circular pipe punching machine, the pressure of the related equipment is generally adjusted in a certain range before the factory is out, which can not be adjusted by the user. And the best round tube punching machine manufacturers emphasize that when assembling the upper and lower dies, the model between the two must be consistent to the right, and the related parts must be tightened and fixed well, and when the lower mold is installed, the knife mouth is upwards, and must not be installed in turn. Otherwise, the machine will be damaged.