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What are the types of dry cutting saws?

2018/5/30 11:25:43 Viewers:
Dry cut saw blade, its cutting range is very wide, wall, stone, concrete can be cut, multi grooves and chip hole design cuttings more convenient, at the same time the original design of gradual tooth protection, so that it is more distinctive, the achievement of super war a.

1. complete dry and quasi dry cutting: the cutting process is usually completely dry cutting in the cutting area, which is completely not applicable or without direct use of any cutting fluid. A small amount of cutting fluid is applied directly to the cutting area by a variety of methods to be quasi dry cutting.
2. hard cutting: hard cutting mainly refers to the cutting and machining of hardened workpiece by high performance tools. Hard state cutting is mainly used in turning, which can be used as the final machining or finishing of hardened steel, that is, to replace the grinding of hardened steel.
3. high speed dry cutting: high speed dry cutting is a relative concept, according to the different processing materials, processing methods, also have different range, usually refers to cutting speed more than 5-10 times the traditional cutting speed of cutting.
Dry cutting technology has been widely used in the field of dry cutting saw blade, cutting stone, concrete and so on, there are no lack of dry cut cutting film. In order to meet the needs of customers, silver day continuously improves the performance of dry cut saw blade, rich saw blade type, and makes cutting easier.