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Telemarketing: success is next time

2018/10/12 9:25:46 Viewers:

It’s been almost a year since I arrived in Australia, and my English is still worse.

I am born with timidity, especially in front of a stranger who speaks blushing, which is very unfavorable for me to learn English quickly and to study and find a job. I am like an ant on a hot pot, eager to find a solution.

One day, I ate a newspaper at McDonald's and found a call centre. During the interview, I learned that the call centre said that it is to communicate with customers on the phone every day to promote printer products.

The first two weeks of sales work are vocational training. We have a total of ten new salesmen, who paired each other, took the company's prepared sales dialogue, and kept on the scene dialogue.

At the beginning of the actual battle, the call center was like boiled boiling water. Everyone yelled at the door, shouting at the microphone and flying on the keyboard. There is a big whiteboard in the call center, which is filled with the name of the salesperson, and there are various numbers behind it, which is no different from the scoreboards in the school.


The boss sent each of us five centimeters of thick paper, which was printed with names, company names, phone numbers, and addresses. We asked us to do market research to understand the demand for the printer and the brand. This is the first step in sales.

The first ice-breaking phone called out - "Beep, beep..." No one answered, I prayed, don't pick up! Just at this time, a "hello" came in. I suddenly stunned, and before I practiced the dialogue, I suddenly disappeared without a trace. The voice of the other party was very thick. "hello, hello" snorted two times on the phone, silent, but did not hang up the phone, as if I knew that I was hesitant to talk.

How long is that long suffering... But think about it, is the next person like this, if the boss looks at me behind me? If he finds out that I didn't say what I should say, am I going to roll out and leave? Regardless of him, anyway, the other party can't see me, I take a breath and pull out a "hello"!

The phone is over, and I don’t know what to say. Although the voice of a rough man is not good, there is a question and answer. When I handed the data paper full of answers to the boss, the boss was happy to go with me high five (high-five), told the other seven people that I was the first person to get other people's information... my confidence turned over Fan.

This is just the beginning. The real telemarketing is to take these data sheets and try to find the gold mines under the paper. A piece of data paper didn't play, just next, didn't dig up the gold, and then hit... just repeat the sales dialogue just mentioned.


A week has passed and ten people have gone four. I started to lose sleep, dreaming of sales dialogue.

The company's policy is that if you fail to meet the standards for three months, you will have to pack things away. Sales is an important criterion for companies to check whether you have any use. The company does not have the money to raise you. Another is the percentage of calls: the more calls you make in a day, the better, the longer you say the better. No matter what you sell, as long as your mouth is always moving, the boss knows that you are working hard, maybe you can stay for a few more weeks. Otherwise, he will tell you directly, don't come tomorrow.

Sales are so cruel. Seeing the end of the month, the sales volume behind my name on the whiteboard is still a big duck egg. I finally broke my hair. I picked up the phone data paper and beat it one by one. When I heard that the other person said that I was not interested, I asked what made you uninterested. When the other party repeats another interest, I am straightforward and hang up! next! After two days of anger, the eyes of God, finally let me catch a small school principal in a remote area, bought two boxes, worth 430 Australian dollars. That day, when I wrote the first sales figure, many people in the call centre applauded me... I slept very well that night.

After 20 days, I suffered a big fish after the hardships. When I wrote the number of 5000, the whole call center stood up. In addition to the applause, there were countless well done cheers, and some even ran over. I shake hands... The boss rewards me with a chocolate frog. That month, I got a $500 bonus.

really interesting. I practice speaking, don't have to pay tuition, and take money. It is a bit mad, worthwhile. When I sell something, I know that my English is understandable, I understand others, and I can reach a consensus with the other company's company. The generation of monetary benefits is the most direct result of a successful dialogue. Isn't this more affordable than the TOEFL test?

I also received a sentence from the boss: It is normal to do ten business abortions nine times, but there is no strong will, not to try again and again, how do you know that there is no underground vault in the next data sheet?