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9 Tips for improving employees executive ability

2018/5/28 9:17:03 Viewers:
Excellent execution is the key to distinguish convenience stores from competitors. Today, Xiaobian shares with you nine elements that enhance the executive ability of convenience store employees, hoping to be helpful to bosses.

1. let the right person do the right thing.

This is not only a static concept, but also to help these people grow and adapt to the new needs in their work. No system can exceed this point in terms of effectiveness. Some small convenience stores should pay special attention to the fact that convenience stores grow very fast, but some employees may not keep pace with the growth of convenience stores. If you can't help these people grow up with convenience stores, they may become a stumbling block for the growth of convenience stores in the future.

2., we should see clearly who are strong business people and who are truly leaders.

These two kinds of people are all needed by convenience stores, but do not confuse them. The key is to tap the people with leadership, and make the decision of the convenience store to the real leadership.  People who are very smart but not strong in leadership can give him other growth paths.

3. there is a very clear responsibility system

To make the staff clear, the convenience stores have what kind of expectations they have, what kind of assessment standards, employees have what kind of responsibility, to speak very specific.

4. there is a very clear "milestone" system.

It is when to do something well, what to do and who to do it. The "milestone" of each node in the development of the convenience store is done well; moreover, the "milestone" must be clear and transparent, which is crucial to the successful transformation of the convenience store.

5. supervision is very important in the implementation process.

Every small target set up in a convenience store must include a monitoring mechanism. Of course, the premise is that these small targets should be clear and transparent. What's more, the supervision I'm talking about is not only internal supervision and observation, but also external supervision and observation (where the customers are going, what new products and new technologies are emerging from the market).

6. discover talents and cultivate talents

Leaders must know what talents are among their employees. Any convenience store can't succeed without training and discovering talents and not understanding collaboration. Some leaders only care about numbers, but numbers are just a result. The key is to achieve such figures, which is very important for employees to make efforts.

7. collaboration

Without good collaboration, it is impossible for any convenience store to develop, and convenience store development speed, innovation, agility, these all need to be implemented through collaboration - such collaboration, not only internal collaboration, but also external collaboration. People who have better skills generally raise their positions vertically, such as upgrading him as store manager, deputy store manager and so on. Leaders also need to pay attention to those who are very good at working and emphasizing collaboration, and they should also be rewarded and commended.

8. retain talented people

A good convenience store is made up of excellent people. The convenience store itself does not participate in competition, and the competition is the convenience store. In the first year of the new employees, they should be thoroughly analyzed to see what their thinking is and how their work attitude is; put them in a very suitable position and give them plenty of room for development so that they can better retain their talents.

9. follow up tracking.

A lot of work is done by teams. It is very important to track everyone's work and have a clear evaluation system.