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The cause of excessive or too little foam in the tank of a flotation machine

2018/6/5 10:53:20 Viewers:
Flotation machine, as one of the important equipment of chemical mineral processing, will often appear in the process of floatation, which is not too large, too much foam is too small and too small.

What is the reason that the flotation machine is too large or too small in the process of flotation?

First of all, we should first understand how the foam in the flotation cell is generated.

It is a foam formed by means of external tools for low pressure air. It is the same as inflating bubbles into water by pipes.
But the inflatable bubble is not unstable, and the quantity is uncertain, so there is a flotation agent, which can increase the bubble and ensure the stability of the bubble.

So, who is the main reason that causes too much bubbles and too little bubbles in the flotation cell? That's the foaming agent. In general, when the amount of the foaming agent exceeds the standard, the foam in the flotation machine can be too large and too large. Even sometimes, the foam is too large to the surface. In contrast, the foaming agent is not enough and the foam in the slot will be reduced and smaller.

Then, what is the effect of too large or too small bubbles in the flotation cell on the flotation operation? If the foam is too large or over a small band of impurities will be less, this can not achieve the expected flotation efficiency, not only affects the flotation effect, but also affects the final recovery rate, not to be lost.