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Type of CNC blade

2018/10/12 9:40:09 Viewers:

There are many kinds of CNC blades and they are widely used. Nowadays, CNC blades are mainly the following types of blades:

1. Monolithic: Grinded from a single piece of material, the cutting part can be ground to the desired shape according to different purposes.

2, mosaic: it is divided into welding and machine clamp. The machine clamp type is different according to the structure of the cutter body. Can be divided into non-transposition and indexable

3. Damping type: When the length and diameter ratio of the working arm of the tool is greater than 4, in order to reduce the vibration of the tool and improve the machining accuracy, a special structure tool is used. Mainly used for pupils.

4. The cutting coolant of the internal cooling type is transmitted to the inside of the cutter body through the machine spindle or the cutter head and is sprayed from the injection hole to the cutting edge.

5, special types: including strong clamping, reversible tapping, composite tools, etc. At present, CNC Machining tool tools mainly use machine clamp indexable tools.