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Introduction of laser engraving application industry

2018/6/27 1:09:29 Viewers:
More and more conferences, tours, medals, certificates, souvenirs and advertising materials are widely used in carving. In pens, leather goods, tableware, lighter, watch, bottle opener, key chain, cup, award plate, imitation crystal pendant, golf clubs, shotguns, rings and other articles, it can embody taste and personality. It caters to bookmarks, cartons, pendants, frames, silver and other articles with rich and interesting engraving. People need to communicate with each other.
The carving and cutting machine can digitize the woodwork and furniture processing, such as setting out, punching, slotting and cutting edge, and improving the repeatability and standardization of the product, and greatly improving the rate of finished product and production efficiency.
Carvings and engraving plates are still an irreplaceable printing technology in some specific fields. Mechanical engraving machines can be competent for most of the work of carving wooden plates. The mechanical engraving offset is not as harmful as laser engraving. In the background of advocating green environmental protection and the progress of Guan Xinzhen's love for life Mechanical engraving is a modern offset carving method worthy of promotion.
The bamboo craftwork carved by laser can show the artistic style and the evolution of the school of calligraphy in the times. It has an unparalleled appreciation and collection value. It is a good gift to the high friends. Bamboo carving crafts such as laser engraving, celebrity handwriting and so on are exquisitely made. They have become the collectors of scholars and businessmen.
All kinds of pen boxes and business card boxes carved by laser have become the desk materials for scholars, politicians and business people.
Through the laser engraving and cutting machine, all kinds of scriptures, celebrities' original maps, images and so on are reproduced on boards of various materials, and they are lifelike and lifelike.
It can be processed in bamboo, crystal, horn, paper, plexiglass, marble, cloth, leather, rubber, plastic and other non-metallic materials.