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Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic press sensors

2018/6/5 11:00:00 Viewers:
Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic press sensors
As we all know, there are sensors on the hydraulic press, but most people do not know how many kinds of sensors exist in the hydraulic press. What are their advantages and disadvantages? The following is a brief introduction to you.
Semiconductor gas sensor: semiconductor gas sensor has become the most common and practical gas sensor. He has the advantages of low cost, simple manufacturing, high sensitivity, fast response, long life, low humidity sensitivity and simple circuit. The disadvantage is that it must work at high temperature, poor selectivity to gas or odor, dispersed component parameters, unstable stability and high power.
Electrochemical gas sensor: the electrochemical gas sensor detects the concentration of the gas by detecting the current, and divides it into a primary battery without power supply and a controlled potential electrolysis that needs power supply. At present, many toxic gases and oxygen can be detected, and the latter can also detect the oxygen concentration in the blood. The main advantages of electrochemical sensors are high sensitivity and good selectivity of gas, and short life.
Solid electrolyte gas sensor: solid electrolyte, which is a chemical cell with solid ion conduction as electrolyte. It is between semiconductors and electrochemistry. Selectivity, sensitivity is higher than semiconductor and life is longer than electrochemistry, so there are many applications. The drawback is that the response time is too long.
Contact combustion gas sensor: contact combustion gas sensor can only measure combustible gas. It is also divided into direct contact combustion and catalytic contact combustion. The principle is that the gas sensitive material is burned on the surface or under the action of catalyst under the state of electricity. Because the temperature of the gas sensitive material increases, the resistance of the gas sensitive material is changed. The latter is widely applied because of its broad spectrum relationship.
The above mentioned sensors on the hydraulic press have their own advantages and disadvantages. I hope you will have a good understanding of them.