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Workshop environment suitable for machine tool work

2018/5/31 13:52:40 Viewers:
Generally speaking, machine tools are not only placed in shady ventilated places, but also adjusted by special equipment to achieve suitable environmental conditions. First of all, talk about the problem of cooling. There are two ways to cool down: local cooling and overall cooling. Commonly used equipment is fans, air conditioners, negative pressure fans, air coolers and so on. 7126-2

The fan makes the wind by mechanical rotation to accelerate the flow of air, so as to achieve the cooling effect. The advantages are energy saving, environmental protection, simple installation and low price. The fan with cold air function can achieve better cooling effect. The disadvantage is that the cooling effect is limited, and the dust and humidity are not improved. It is difficult for a single machine to achieve the effect of large area cooling. The air conditioner is cool. Air conditioning cooling is an ideal way to cool down. Its effect is good, its functions are many, and its humidity and air quality are improved. The air conditioner can be installed locally or installed as a whole. But the cost of electricity is relatively high. The negative pressure fan can quickly discharge the hot and stuffy air gathered in the workshop to make the air circulate to achieve the effect of ventilation and natural cooling. Generally installed on walls or windows, it is suitable for the workshop with large area, many employees, and the overall air circulation in the workshop is not good, so it is suitable for overall cooling. The cooling air machine has the function of cooling, which is installed in the window by cooling the fresh air through the body to cool the outdoor air and send the cold air into the workshop. This method can increase the air freshness in the workshop and the air oxygen content in the environment, and improve the speed of the air circulation in the workshop. In addition, some cooling fans can also achieve local cooling, dust removal and range odor elimination by increasing the air supply pipeline equipment. The above cooling methods can create a good ambient temperature for machine tools. It should be noted that enterprises should choose reasonably according to the type of machine tools, such as fans and other cooling machines, which are easily affected by air flow. So how to solve the problem of humidity and air quality? The problem of humidity can often be solved with cooling down.  Such as air conditioning, negative pressure and so on, can reduce the air humidity in the workshop. If there is a higher requirement for humidity, it can also install equipment other than (add) wet machine separately. In the open and ventilated environment, the machine can basically guarantee less dust, and fans, air coolers and so on can also achieve a certain effect of dust removal. However, the dust and scraps produced during processing are often difficult to eradicate by these means, so the corresponding professional equipment is also required. At present, the dust removal equipment on the market can be divided into mechanical dedusting, filter dust removal, electrostatic precipitator and washing type dust removal, as well as the solution for dust removal and purification for the whole workshop. Ordinary processing enterprises can be equipped with ready - made dust removal equipment according to their machine tool types, such as chip removal machines, dust remover and so on.