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6 characteristics of news marketing

2018/5/22 10:32:54 Viewers:

Network news is one of the earliest Internet applications in the development of China's Internet. Its content and the increase of users have brought a broader market prospect in information recommendation, marketing and promotion, even more in-depth content production, interaction and communication.
News marketing is one of the ways to use the Internet news for the enterprise to publicize and marketing. It is favored by more and more enterprises because it can effectively integrate the means of news reporting and create the best communication efficiency. Whether it is the enterprise culture, brand connotation, product mechanism, or information in the communication industry, the news marketing can lead the consumption fashion and guide the purchase decision, which is very helpful to guide the market consumption. In a short time, it can quickly improve the reputation of the product, and shape the reputation and credibility of the brand. The functions and characteristics of news marketing can be roughly divided into the following six points:
One, high reading rate: the traditional advertising has made customers aesthetic fatigue. Most of them only cause resistance and antipathy, but people's attitude to the news is different. Getting news is more like an indispensable part of daily life. If the marketing information is integrated into the news, it will improve the customer's reading rate. It is better to promote the effect.
Two, high credibility: compared with traditional advertisements, customers prefer to believe in the contents of news, especially the news content issued by authoritative media.
Three, the conversion rate is high: the content has the depth of the people to see the news more patient, is beneficial to the enterprise to express the information more fully, the long piece of news will cause the audience's thinking, can deepen the audience to the enterprise propaganda information impression, achieves the higher conversion rate.
Four, the optimization effect is good: the search engine algorithm is constantly changing, and it is difficult for a website to keep on the home page of Baidu, especially in the competitive industry, which requires continuous updating of the website optimization strategy. Because the marketing news information is published on the big news portal, and the search engine itself attaches great importance to these websites, the important content will get better ranking. Then, the coverage of search engines has increased, which will naturally bring more business opportunities to enterprises.
Five, persistence: a news will be kept for a long time when it is published on the website. Even if time does not show on the front page or channel page, it can be searched by a variety of search engines, and the news is more cost-effective in the long run.
Six, two transmission: the content of the general news portal will be considered high quality, so it will be reprinted by a lot of small websites every day. If the news of the enterprise is logged on to a large portal, it is likely to be reprinted on dozens or even more small sites. More people will be browsing, and will be two. The effect of secondary propagation is helpful to enhance the coverage of enterprise information in search engines. Of course, the key to the success of the news marketing is to find the embedded point and embed the information of the enterprise and product into the news, so as to achieve the effect of the spread of the potential.
Business media online is an Internet marketing agency specializing in news marketing. Whether it is written in soft writing or media release, it has a good grasp of high quality media resources, covering the front lines, NetEase, Sina, Sohu, Tencent and other front-line media resources, serving thousands of customers and highly praised by customers.
In addition, news marketing must stand on the third party's position so that it can be more authentic. Whether it is artificially planning, or with the help of current hot spots, we must carefully design, let everything appear to be reasonable, let the user easily fall into the trap, so the marketing will come to an end.