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Thinking too much is the first to drag yourself down

2018/5/22 10:43:19 Viewers:
Always think of some of them
It's the first to drag yourself down
Combined with several minor incidents that happened yesterday, I deeply felt that thinking too much would ruin a person.
On the way to work, I listened to an audio program, and the host said a girl felt very hard at work. She used to encourage her female boss. Now she was not salty and expressionless to her.
She looked down from work performance to workplace etiquette, slowing down every frame of the memory, trying to disappoint her boss in the end, worrying about whether he would be fired by his boss, and the thought of insomnia was crazy.
Afterwards, she learned that the female boss had only botulinum toxin on her face, and she finally breathed a sigh of relief.
Thinking too much, ruined her confidence and her health.
During the lunch, colleagues talked about the topic of feet blowing. A colleague said that pepper and pepper were placed in the foot bath when it was cold.
Then a male colleague began to diverge his mind. He said that when he had feet, he would add some fresh garlic and garlic, so that the feet would be full of water, flavor and taste, and could be used as a soup base to make noodles.
He portray a lifelike picture full of details and he has no appetite at all.
Thinking too much, ruined his appetite and his mood.
We usually say that when we think too much, we do not mean to think objectively, but to think of some negative and negative ones subjectively.
Always thinking about it = wasting time + dragging down emotions + thinking about injuries, and worrying about personal gains and losses + imbalance of relationship + blackening others + getting nowhere.
Most of these blind thoughts don't really happen, but we think too much about them, as if we had all these bad things through.
If you think too much, you will consume yourself from all sides.
Your problem is
Think too much and do too little
I received a private letter some time ago.
There is a junior boy, looking at more than one of the older school elder sister to find a job is not easy, he began to panic, no six levels, no party, no skill, no future direction, do not know what they want to do in the future, what can do.
This boy felt the confusion of "low visibility in the future". I was much more serious than he was. I wanted to worry about insomnia for a whole semester.
The way to extricate myself is to really listen and really feel.
At that time, I didn't want to take the postgraduate entrance examination directly. Two, I liked my major, but I didn't want to take it as a career. I wanted to find a suitable employment path based on my own situation.
At that time, I was interested in foreign trade. In addition to learning English and testing certificates, I went to Yiwu to find an internship. It was just one or two months short. I had a long time in interview practice, new training, business etiquette, foreign trade and other aspects.
With this experience, I seem to know the first step after graduation.
You may not know what to do in the future, but you have to do something now. It's good to find the direction, and if you don't find it, at least let you get out of the wrong option.
When I read Harvey Ike's book "the rich and you think differently", there is a saying that takes the corridor as an example. I think it is wonderful.
"If you really want to know an industry, you don't have to do everything in the first day, set foot on the corridor, open a lot of opportunities, look at the people and work of different doors in the corridor, and you will find a breakthrough point for yourself."
Thinking too much will not bring us nearer to the truth. It will only hold us back and delay our progress.
In fact, when you face, experience, and feel, you will find things easier than you think.
The more difficult it is to think of life, the harder it is
Do something constructive
Through one thing, I admire my writing partner, "Qing Ge".
When she was four months pregnant, she went to do three-dimensional deformity. The doctor said the baby's heart was not very good. She told me that after hearing the news, her heart was hopeless and helpless.
She made an appointment for amniocentesis and had to wait for a few days to complete the test.
During that time I knew she had a very difficult time. I was worried about her and tried every day to encourage her and comfort her, but it turned out that I was worried.
I always advise her not to be too tired. When she says that the more she thinks about it, the worse she gets. She needs to do something to divert her attention, go to work and write articles.
A month later, she was pleased to tell me that the examination results were normal, but fortunately, I was looking for something to do, avoiding too much thought.
Many times, too much grief is too much, let the heart die. Do something about it.
In the evening, I can't sleep when I think about my mind. It's okay to get back to memorize words and do housework again.
In the daytime, instead of thinking about it, it is better to organize and integrate the fragmented information, or to exercise, to empty the flash memory in the brain.
Female readers often ask me how to avoid glass heart.
From their description, the more leisure people feel, the more they love to think too much, and they always open up their brains in some unimportant matters and self harm.
When you greet people, the other person doesn't respond. You confirm the details of the offense from beginning to end, but maybe he is only shortsighted.
You sit in your classmate's bedroom, and you can see that your classmates are wiping the chairs you just sat before leaving. However, your classmates just have a cleanliness.
If you always think about what others think, then you will make your life a trash can.
In my opinion, if you replace your thoughts with constructive thinking and action, you will feel that you and