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How to visit the inquiry customers?

2018/9/21 17:49:39 Viewers:
Are there many guests who never know the price? I feel like I am making an offer every day. There are many customers every day, but there is no turnover. So where is the problem?

"How do you do?" Are you there? How did you consider it? " For the first time, the new customers must not use this tone to return. It feels like you have put your hand into someone else's pocket and paid for it.

"Hello, are you satisfied with your offer the other day? Is there any problem? If you have any questions, please point it out. I will certainly serve you. " Is this feeling different? You can chat with guests and give guests a sense of consideration for your guests.

Visiting visitors is also a skill.

First, for less sincere guests, can delay two or three days to call back, attitude lower, reveal price advantages, surface sincerity, say the advantages of the product, characteristics, pros and cons analysis.

2. Afraid of high-priced and poor-quality customers (this kind of customer has no opinions, easy to fool), the first point to break out his concerns (for example: I actually buy things to take into account such a situation, but you can rest assured that our products show their sincerity, enthusiasm, self-confidence)

Three, 3.5.7 principles to use, three days after the quotation call back to listen to the other side's views and opinions; seven days to deepen the impression, to resolve the previous customer's views on you, deepen the other side's recognition of you, 15 days to determine whether to follow up, no intention can choose to give up or continue to follow up!

Can not develop business, can we develop into friends, tie iron, business will be far away?

As long as you take the initiative, there will be a story between the guests.