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Experience in daily maintenance of exchange mineral processing equipment

2018/6/9 13:10:17 Viewers:
Experience in daily maintenance of exchange mineral processing equipment

Mineral processing machinery and equipment, expensive, widely used, the resulting economic benefits are also a great relief to many investors, but do not neglect that the mine machinery and equipment, there are no 10% bad machines, to extend the service life of its mineral processing equipment maintenance and maintenance is a very important and frequent work, red According to the equipment experience of many years, the star dressing equipment expert is willing to do the experience exchange with the public users. Below we talk about the maintenance of ore dressing equipment and the methods of maintenance of mineral processing equipment.
First of all, the ore dressing equipment bearing bears the whole load of the machine, so in a very good relationship to lubricate the life of the bearing, it directly affects the operation rate of the machine and the needs of life. Therefore, the lubricating oil is injected clean, and the mineral processing equipment requires that the injected lubricating oil must be cleaned and the seal must be well sealed.
Secondly, to avoid collision, to ensure that the machine is clean, do not corrosive chemicals cooperation partners.
Finally, the ore dressing equipment is routinely checked and strengthened, and the results should be recorded, not only including past records, maintenance, changes of records, but also the daily records of use and work, so as to analyze, judge mechanical faults, eliminate the hidden troubles in time and accurately, advantages and disadvantages to the performance of machines and equipment. To a large extent, it limits the quality of project progress and cost. In the use of mechanical equipment, mechanical and environmental factors directly affecting the performance of the two main machinery and equipment, machinery and equipment to improve performance, it is necessary to strengthen the mechanical and environmental management of the two main factors.
What needs to be noted is that as long as the selection of a good mineral processing equipment factory, the quality of the mineral processing equipment is guaranteed first, and the maintenance and maintenance of the mineral processing equipment in the future will save the dessert, and the selection of a good mineral processing equipment factory is equal to the good technical support. If the choice of cheap or other reasons for poor quality of the mineral processing equipment, in the use of such or such problems, not only waste a lot of financial resources, but also waste a lot of material resources, manpower.
In a word, in order to serve the mineral processing equipment for a long time, in addition to choosing a reputable mineral processing equipment manufacturer, we need to cooperate closely with the machine operation and maintenance. The staff on duty should be examined once. The real ore dressing equipment in good condition is running normally.