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A man is in his middle age and is always on the line.

2018/5/22 10:18:44 Viewers:
A man is in his middle age and is always on the line. To tear them apart, one side is the success of joining the WTO, while the other is the yearning for being born. But looking at these contrasts, I always feel close to myself.
1, one side is Ma Yun, one side is the nebula
On the one hand is Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and Zuckerberg's entrepreneurial story. Wealth, dreams and living are all about changing the world's hot blood. If there is no cause, how can the value of life be reflected, and the other is the advice of the master of nebula and the masters of the nebula, the practice of life, and how hard to fight against each other?
2. One side is a seat, one side is a child.
Countless articles remind us to grow up with children. This is the only time in my life. However, there are numerous articles suggesting that life needs positioning, and more needs to be placed on the top.
3, one side is Superman, one side is the old man
You will dream of the old man leaving you at night, waking up, tears and wet towel. You can't wait to accompany them and accompany them on their last journey. But wipe your tears away, and to the dressing table, you remember the tasks you want to arrange today. You have to be a superman and prove your abilities up and down. Call the greeting, or call again at night.
4, one side is upflow, one side is stream by stream
You hate corruption, despise authority, and sneer at flattery. You live in a high class. But whenever the opportunity comes, you immediately think about the relationship that you can use, express your sincere respect to the person who holds the power, and try to get it "done" in the most safe way. You find that at that time, the upper class you are watching your eyes shut.
5, one side is the student union, one side is the memorial meeting
The real meaning of the association is not "a pair of couples is broken up", but a comparison and stimulation of life. The small partners who sat side by side were now divided into three hundred and sixty nine categories. Some of them were in the spring and some were disappointed. Fortunately, the game is not over yet. Hurry up and head for it. Next time, we must have the Jinyi luxury car, and compare the rich and cheap local tyrants. Only to mourn the meeting, can we feel that life is fragile. The meaning of living is churning in the heart. Is it still necessary to spell it?
6, one side is the old age, one is afraid of the old.
You always describe beautiful retirement life, planting flowers and fish to travel around the world. But you are always worried, will the currency be devalued? Will the assets shrink? Is it a guarantee for the summer New Zealand plan in Sanya in winter? And more importantly, if it is really old, is it annoying, is it painful to be said to be old? Then, for a good old age, you have to spell it up again. Be energetic and at least look young!
7, one side is a courtyard, one side is a pastoral
You yearn for the garden of the blue sky and white clouds, and always imagine a farmer to live a life of pure nature and original ecology. Including "China on the tip of the tongue", every time you see or tell the story of returning to nature, it will make you palpitate. But you yearn for gardens and villas, and courtyards are deep, and stars are neighbors.  So, you have to spell it.
8, one side is "on the road" while the other is "Hometown".
Chinese entrepreneurs, the favorite songs must include "on the road", "love to win", "higher flying", they can always let "an uneasy heart" surging. But the next song may be Xu Wei's "Hometown" or Li Jian's "heart rising moon", some sad, some confused, some heart tired. But where is the hometown and when can I return it?
One carelessly into middle age, left to enter the WTO and go to the peak of life. This is the true portrayal of life after the age of 40.