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A few things that the shop will have to do every day

2018/6/18 16:11:38 Viewers:
One, landings
It is better to set it as an automatic start item and keep the Millennium online every day. According to statistics, more than 99% of the transaction sheets are online more than 8 hours on average. It is like having a special person to keep a store. By the time there is a new product, you can send your latest news to them at the first time, maybe there will be a few transactions in it, and most importantly, you can send your product information to your old customers at the fastest speed.

Two, take care of the shop
Decorate shop, upload new product information, optimize old product information. It is better to send several new products every day. If there are no new products to be issued, delete new products with fewer products. The new product has a certain ranking advantage.

Three, peer comparison
Every day to pay attention to the top 10 key words you choose, you go to the 1688 page search inside search them, and then from the price, from the quality, from the quality of information, from the service attitude, from the picture quality to compare with them, find your deficiencies, find you and their differences, find your advantages, and then wrong, and then wrong Marketing, so you can stand out in your peers and eventually reach your goal, so no matter how busy you are, be sure to stare at your opponents, and they are going back, paying attention to them, biting them and surpassing them.

Four. Focus on keyword data
Every day to check your choice of the heat of key words, every day to see if these key words are ranked in the forefront, every day to see your competitors with what key words in the front, every day to think of your customers will use what keywords to search your product, every day to optimize your customs according to these information. Key words;

Five, every day to compare the following information:
1. browse volume;
2. click rate (when you say hello, you can see what products your customers are browsing).
3. sales
4. products with the most clicks
5. which cities do the customers come from, such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong and other countries?
It's crucial to find your sales focus in each of the different data and find your way of selling.