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Marketing mode of hardware for doors

2018/5/9 14:36:51 Viewers:
In recent years, the competition in the hardware market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the drawbacks of traditional sales channels are gradually exposed. In order to gain a dominant position in the competition, the hardware enterprises actively explore new marketing models, and the promotion of the Internet, the sales channels of the hardware industry are increasingly diversified. This is a good thing. The hardware enterprises can effectively integrate the advantages of various channels, and then borrow their strength to avoid various kinds of risks effectively.
Marketing methods:
First, store operation: high cost and high dependence
In recent years, hardware sales channels are still concentrated in stores, and hardware companies with certain strength and reputation have accelerated the pace of entering large stores. People in the industry believe that the choice of brand hardware in the brand store door stores, on the one hand, want to use the strong appeal to build their own brand influence; on the other hand, it also takes into account the market environment, marketing and service system and so on easy business operation.
However, with the increasing rents of stores and the continuous opening of stores, the cost of raw materials and logistics is also increasing. The rising cost brings the high cost of hardware industry channels. In the relationship between hardware and stores, enterprises can not help but rely on a number of helplessness.
Two, private shop: Economic and human cost increase
In recent years, more and more hardware enterprises focus on the operation and management of independent stores. The chairman of a hardware brand said: first, the standard store is to enhance the service platform, and the two is to restrain the bad behavior of the stores through the unified price system.
Through unified system quality assurance, after sale service unified standard, as well as the common concern and supervision of the public, this is the store mode we want to build.
As a matter of fact, the opportunity and adjustment of the self run shop mode coexist, the development of the self run shop is like a double-edged sword. The economic and human cost of the channel of the self run shop will also become an important factor to test the development of the enterprise.
In today's society, the cost of human resources for a store is also increasing. Similarly, the support and training for each store is also an important input in cost. The higher the cost of unit number and the higher the cost of unit sale, it seems to be a vicious circle of channel.
Three, tooling channels: the money needs to be prudent
The commercial housing of many cities is changing from rough housing to refined decoration.
The proportion of hardware products in refined decoration projects is increasing. Construction projects have become a very important channel to promote hardware products.
Four, e-commerce channels: both advantages and disadvantages are half innovative and breakthrough
In the treatment of emerging e-commerce channels, some hardware enterprises think that the performance of e-commerce is relatively poor, material, details, installation effect and so on can not be displayed, the whole hardware business e-commerce has this limitation.
Others believe that the electricity supplier must be a new business model in the future.
The channel chain, like the flow of water, flows from the distributor to the terminal and eventually flows to the consumer. It is always in line with the direction of future development to grasp the current consumption habits of consumers.
Many hardware companies began to test the water business channel, but at present no one has explored a suitable method and mode for development.
Future hardware companies should also explore more models, including ways of expression. Efforts should be made to break through the limitations of the exhibition so as to achieve certain breakthroughs in the way of expression of e-commerce system.
The diversification of the marketing model has further promoted the growing competitive development of the channel cost and the homogenized products, and weakened the competitiveness of the hardware enterprises in the terminal market. Therefore, the importance of the channel construction is becoming increasingly apparent. The new direction of the transformation of hardware enterprises.