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Characteristics of zinc alloy drawing hand

2018/5/30 11:47:15 Viewers:
1. strong market competitiveness: zinc alloy is characterized by low melting point, good casting performance, high yield and low production cost. Therefore, zinc alloy hand has strong market competitiveness compared with other materials in quality and price.
2. color diversity: zinc alloy handle after surface treatment, can form gold, silver, black imitation bronze, bronze and a series of colors.
3. durable environmental protection: zinc alloy handle has extremely strong corrosion resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hard texture, and is not easy to fade, not easy to rust.
4. maintenance is simple: if there is a slight scratch, wipe with water and abrasive paper and toothpaste can be removed.
5. beautiful appearance: zinc alloy handle, delicate shape, thick handle, exquisite workmanship, noble quality, elegant.
6. style is changeable: the aluminum alloy drawing hand is diversified and varied in style. It has the style of antique, European style, pastoral style, modern simplicity style, Chinese classical style.