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What is the processing of non - standard parts

2018/5/9 17:36:15 Viewers:
The so-called non-standard parts processing, we must first understand what is non-standard non-standard refers to: not according to the standard production. For general products, they have their own manufacturing standards in order to use them in common with other products (for convenience in use and maintenance). For example, the screws we usually use are the standard parts. You can use all the screws of the same specification at any store. Standards are complementary to national standards, local standards, industry standards, and so on. Non - standard goods or parts, refers to the use of less goods, or for a particular product for a particular production of spare parts, it is not easy to buy general or substitute. Sometimes it is not standard; it is intentional to do so, so as to protect the Yi nature of production and maintenance.

The processing of non standard parts is also the meaning, that is, it is not the common non standard parts processing, is for a certain machine specific mechanical processing, the products produced are non standard parts processing products. Or to protect their products, in order to specialization, differentiated production parts.

What do we need to pay attention to for non - standard parts processing? According to the definition, we can know that the non-standard parts are different from the general mechanical parts. So, we must carefully look at the logo on the drawings, because different designers, or different country designers, are likely to use different identities, and some such as "diameter 140 K2", many people don't know what this K2 is, or will ignore him in case of neglecting it. That's the big deal. K2 says that the precision requirement is between 1 threads and 3 wires. If the tolerance is not made, the part will be scrapped. Therefore, engaged in non-standard parts processing, must be careful and careful.