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Notice of automatic welding machine

2018/6/6 19:04:13 Viewers:
The structure of automatic welding equipment consists of welding power, welding head, welding piece moving or changing into device, auxiliary device (wire feeding device, welding machine recovery and transportation device, drag chain, support, electrical control, etc.). Through the structure, we can know the matters needing attention in the automatic welding machine.

1. in order to ensure welding accuracy, the welding platform should be cleaned regularly to avoid sticking oil stains.

2., the equipment must be stable and well adjusted to avoid being affected by accuracy.

3. while the equipment is running, we should pay attention to the welding condition and prevent welding accidents. Operators should not gossip, play mobile phones and do things that are irrelevant to work.

4. operators need to wear protective equipment, welding temperature and electrical fault.

5. failure of wire feeder or feeding device should be stopped in time, and power failure should be checked.

6. automatic welding machine around to avoid debris, prevent power or wire damage accident.

7. under the condition of power on, it is not possible to turn on the numerical control box and various lines by itself, so as to prevent electric shock.

8. turn off the power and gas before leaving work and prevent others from operating at will.

9. in case of welding problems, report to the leader and contact the manufacturer in time, so that the plan can be adjusted.