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How to do a little bit of thought for hardware accessories business

2018/5/25 9:05:25 Viewers:
The first stage: just when making the nut screw industry business, it is far from the previous industry. The first day to come, there is a guest come to consult the product, what nut, what specifications, what material to be sent to me, I look at the only understanding of the material, others do not know what is the meaning, do not know how to answer the guests? He can only ask his colleagues with a thick face and ask questions. He has been busy for a long time, not only has his order not come down, but he has been teased by the guests. I think it might be the first time to enter a new industry. It's all about me. For the next few days, I didn't sit there, 1), but looking at the content of our website. 2), while looking at the information of our company, when guests come to ask, they get everything from the above two channels. 3) the most important resource, of course, should not be wasted. It is our colleagues. Ask more, listen more. 4) in the age of information, resources on the Internet are also a channel for us to grow up. Many very good websites are all we can learn, such as Taobao, hardware net, etc., Baidu has one search.
The second stage: familiarity with product knowledge is a magic weapon
1, the first step is to first understand the material composition of the product, then what is the difference and what different materials adapt to different working environments.
The 2 and second step is to understand the product structure of the company, what products are our superior products, and what are they not?
For example, our company's products, the main products, mainly material, 304316, the dominant products are: stainless steel pulling rivet nut, butterfly nut, butterfly screw, metal locking nut, flange nylon locking nut, flange metal locking nut, card type, K cap, nylon cover mother, welded nut, quadrisquare nut, long nut, burglproof Nut, anti-theft screw, internal expansion, knurled pin.
So when the guest asked me, I would have these information in my mind, which would screen out the products that meet the requirements of the guests and recommend them to the guests in time and effectively.  In this way, the guest will admit your professionalism. Thus the single conversion rate is improved.
3, third, to be in contact with each other in time
Usually I send them my own micro signals, for example.
For example, a picture, a collection of products

It will enable our guests to understand our supply products well, and there may be a lot of contact ways.
Finally, in order to make our customers believe that we are real manufacturers, we have the ability to provide them with good products. I will also send a WeChat public address of our company: qbsyjgj, strong WeChat public address.

A two-dimensional code is added to enable our guests to understand our company's dynamics every day and grow with us.

The above is a little experience that my little brother stepped into this industry, and I hope it will help you.