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2018 China Guangzhou hardware manufacturing export trade fair

2018/5/5 14:16:11 Viewers:
"5, 4, 3, 2, 1", with a round of fireworks and spray, with the common witness of nearly a hundred global purchasers, 6 leading guests started the ball, and 2018 China Guangzhou hardware manufacturing export fair - Wuyi manufacturing boutique exhibition opened in Guangzhou international purchasing center Pazhou Pavilion (Museum 3). Guangzhou, Guangdong, Wuyi, Zhejiang, two cities separated by more than 1000 kilometers, in this "foreign trade spring wind" season, because of the "high quality hardware manufacturing" closely linked together.

In order to change the current situation of "hard to find" in the past Canton Fair and help our county enterprises fully appear in the Canton Fair, our county organized the fair. The fair is held in the same period as the Canton Fair, and the exhibition hall is close to the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall. It can share the resources of 200 thousand purchasing merchants with the Guangzhou Fair by using the influence of the Guangzhou Fair as a major export platform. 25472 square meters of space, nearly half a month, "made in Wuyi" in the spring breeze to the ear, for the international purchasers to offer electric tools, high-end equipment, vehicles and accessories, building materials, kitchen supplies, tourism and leisure supplies and other hardware exhibition "feast". The exhibition is aimed at creating a China hardware production exhibition, and plans to build the world's top hardware exhibition in 10 years.

Apollo, Bo Lai tools, energy tools, Dongda electrical appliances...... In this trade fair, many famous "Wuyi made" are actively participating in the exhibition. By the spring breeze of the Canton Fair, the international market is actively sought, and the guests of 200 thousand buyers are invited to dance. Jin Junxi, President of the Dafeng comprehensive trading company in Korea, is very interested in the electric pruning scissors of Jia Rui company of our county. He inquired in detail about the performance and price of the product, and bought samples on the spot for payment in US dollars, and was prepared to take it back to Korea for trial. The Russian guy Aleks is fluent in Mandarin, asking the dealer of Smino's industry and trade about the situation of electric bicycles. After his simple riding experience, he praised the comfort and performance of the product. He wanted to buy a product and open a bicycle shop in his hometown. Rehan Ullah, a Pakistan businessman, is a car dealer, the main Japanese car. This time is very interested in the sports car of my county's Polish company. After a comprehensive understanding of its various aspects, we hope to deepen the cooperation.

In recent years, our county has adhered to the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing", carried out the strategy of "industrial strong county", vigorously developed the intelligent manufacturing industry, successfully created the base of China's electric tool manufacturing industry, the first export food contact product quality safety demonstration area, and then selected 6 "national character" bases. In the most competitive counties and most county development potential, Wuyi made products have spread to more than 180 countries and regions worldwide, "The Belt and Road" along the 62 countries. This exhibition makes me out of the county to Guangzhou county enterprise the larger platform hosting products show, is also actively docking "The Belt and Road" national strategy, is a "made in Wuyi" to show themselves, better stage of self.