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What are the skills of sheet metal bending and machine maintenance?

2018/6/11 18:21:37 Viewers:
With the development of economy, sheet metal processing products are almost everywhere in our daily life, so we can see how important the sheet metal processing is in our life. Today, Xiaobian is going to talk about some skills of sheet metal bending technology and machine tool maintenance.
1, in the work to work diligently, think more, in each processing of a product, with notes, different products, what kind of mold, order, etc., so that in the future work at any time check.
2, when installing the mold, try to install the mold in the middle part of the machine tool, so that it can not only ensure the accuracy of bending, but also extend the service life of the machine tool.
3, in the case of some dimensions with slight deviation, the adjustment method of sheet metal bending processing: fixed expansion size, with different mold, bending size will be different, the lower die V, the larger the bending size, the smaller the V of the present die, the smaller the bending size will be smaller.
4, in the arrangement of bending order, if you can do no bending surface positioning, try not to position the curved surface as far as possible, so that the accuracy of the bending size can be ensured.
5, when bending some small size products, when normal methods can not be achieved, they can be pressed or bent or eccentrically.
The above points are some techniques for sheet metal bending and machine tool maintenance. In addition to the above methods, there are many methods of sheet metal bending processing, which require us to learn in a long period of practice to master.