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RC Crawler

2018/5/9 12:29:07 Viewers:
Note: this column is written by Mr. Bamboo, founder of RCFans. All the articles are published in the magazine named Car and Driver, which can be purchased in the book newsstands all over China. If anyone reprints the article in this column, it must be licensed by the original author Bamboo and "famous car". Otherwise, any reprint and reference are embezzled.
The remote control model car (RC Crawler, also known as rock climbing car) is a new type of remote control car that has been developed in recent years. This remote control car is different from most of the remote control cars we have introduced before. Climbing the remote control model car (hereinafter referred to as "climbing car") does not aim at the speed of competition. The climbing car is to conquer the rugged road and various terrain. The obstacle is the goal!

If you want to overcome complex terrain and get bigger obstacles than your own volume, you must have special skills. First, many parts of the climbing car can be flexibly wriggled, the suspension is also larger than the general remote control car, and then with special tyres of special lines, climbing car can make a large scale climb, climbing action. In addition to climbing the car's own performance, the controller (player) needs to consider the best line and precise control so that the vehicle can get through obstacles. The control of a climbing car is a test of the movement of the driver and the car team. The scene of the successful climb of the obstacle is only a short moment. In more times, the player needs to think and discuss how to make the climbing car conquer the obstacles, choose a reasonable climbing line, and need the high concentration of the player and the superb manipulation technique.  Ingenious, and the firm belief that the climbing car has successfully climbed to the top.

When the climbing car is not popular, remote car enthusiasts need to design and manufacture their own parts to make a remote climber until 2006, Axial has launched the first real finished climber "Scropion", and many manufacturers also follow Axial's products and launch their own climbing products, such as Kyos. Ho, Teamlosi, Tamiya have the corresponding product launch, the climbing car is easy to start, players will only need to buy finished car assembly to experience the fun of climbing car! Since then, the climber has set off a global boom! Many climber players also like to change their cars to real style. This kind of climbing car is used to call it "simulation climbing", for example, to change the car's shape to Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser and so on. Because of the low speed requirement of the climbing car, it requires strong torque output, and the electric motor is the best source of power for the climbing car. A climbing model car using an environmentally friendly and quiet electric motor can walk indoors and out. The climbing car can be regarded as an all-weather remote control vehicle.