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The difference between the color powder of the plastic mould and the color parent

2018/6/11 18:20:29 Viewers:
Today, a client came to discuss with me the product for a new color. And it requires that it can't fade. I listened and shook my head with a smile, explaining it to him in detail.

There is no absolute fading product in the world, and the products that use color pink mother color are still likely to fade, but the degree of color fading in different colors is different, some are more obvious, some are difficult to detect.

Plastic coloring products will be faded by a variety of factors. The fading of plastic coloring products is related to pigment, dyestuff's light fastness, oxygen resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance and alkalinity and the properties of the resin used. The above properties of pigments, dyestuffs, surfactants, dispersants, carrier resins and anti-aging auxiliaries must be comprehensively evaluated before production.

The color masterbatch is pretreated first, it has high coloring force, the quantity can be reduced and the quality is stable. The transportation, storage, use and environmental pollution are greatly reduced. In mass production, we usually use color masterbatch.
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Color powder is a dispersant that eliminates the surface air by wetting and permeating the pigment, disperses the aggregates and aggregates into fine, stable and uniform particles, and no longer condenses during processing. The commonly used dispersants are low molecular weight polyethylene wax, and EVA wax or oxidized polyethylene is used for the more difficult dispersed organic pigments and carbon black. Wax, the synthesis of low molecular weight polyethylene wax and polyethylene pyrolysis method of low molecular weight polyethylene wax is very different.
Plastic color powder

Other additives, such as coupling agent, antioxidant, light stabilizer, antistatic agent, filler and so on, are added as requirements and varieties, called multi-functional masterbatch, and add brighteners, which are beneficial to mould molding and surface luminance. The color powder is used for the convenience of manufacture. Under normal circumstances, we usually use toner for small quantities of products. Because the color powder is simple to manufacture. The advantage of fast speed.