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The clamping method of the lathe

2018/6/4 18:30:06 Viewers:
1. All the clips are vertical and vertical.

2. Vise clamp: the clamping height should not be less than 10 millimeters. The height of clamping and the height of machining must be specified when machining the workpiece. The machining height should be about 5 millimeters above the vice plane. The purpose is to ensure firmness without damaging the vise. Such clamping is a general fixture, and the clamping height is also related to the size of the workpiece. The larger the workpiece, the higher the clamping height.

3, splint clamp: the splint is used on the worktable with the code boy code, and the work piece is locked with the screw on the splint. This clamp is suitable for the workpiece with insufficient clamping height and greater machining force. In general, the effect is good.

4, code iron clamping: when the workpiece is large, the clamping height is not enough, and it is not allowed to lock the wire at the bottom, it is clamped with code iron. This clip needs two times clamping, first four good corners, other parts processed, and then four sides, processing four corners. Do not let the workpiece loose during the two time of clamping. It can also be coded on both sides to process the other side.

5. Tool clamping: diameter 10mm or more, clamping length not less than 30mm, diameter less than 10mm, clamping length not less than 20mm. The cutting tool must be firmly clamped to prevent collision and insert directly into the workpiece.