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17 single gold laws summed up by foreign sales

2018/5/29 18:19:19 Viewers:
werful help in your sales work.

- David Priemer; VP of sales

9. Multitasking is overrated as a skill.

The "multitasking" skills have been overestimated.

In fact, I believe that "multitasking" will only ruin a lot of things, and the key to success in the sales process is strict priority.

- Nick Hedges; CEO and President

10. Ask a'Thank you'lunch date.

Invite customers to have a "thank you" lunch together.

I usually invite them to have a "thank you" lunch or a cup of coffee after they have completed the transaction with the new customers.

Because I find that once a deal is done, it will become less pressure to get along with the customer, and it is also an opportunity to make a better relationship with the customer, which can lay the foundation for longer term cooperation.

- Jessica Medeiros; Account Executive

11. Listen more and talk less.

Listen more and talk less.

For customers with different backgrounds, listen more and speak less.  Put forward your questions and know the key points that really affect the transaction.

- Tarun Pant; commercial-account Executive

12. Get them to laugh.

Make the customer laugh.

If you can make the customer laugh, then you are in good shape. It will be much easier to make the order.

- Elizabeth Ostby; Account Executive

13. Know what your customer does.

Know what your customer is doing.

Before any conversation starts, make sure you know exactly what your customers are doing and what their profit models are.

When you sit with a CEO but don't know how their business works, then you are not far away from failure.

- Emily Markenson; Account Executive

14. Focused on adding customer's value.

Focus on the value added to the customer.

As a salesperson, you should add value to customers before any problems happen.

For example, don't try to wake up your potential customers with a monotonous "check - mail" or phone call. Is it better to send them a favorite business book?

- David Priemer; VP of sales

15. Tech doesn't help you win deals.

High tech does not directly help you deal with it.

The technology that can make your business faster, smarter, more effective and more beneficial is the high technology you really need.

Matt Heinz; President

16. Quick question.

Ask yourself quickly.

How good are you going to tell stories?

Or ask another question. When did you last tell a client a great story? Being a storytelling is a secret to help you make more friends, win more benefits, and get more fun in your work and life.

A good personal story can usually break the barriers with customers and attract them, so that your sales presentation can reach a new height. So how do you be good at telling stories?

- Mark Raymo; SMB strategic-account Executive

17. Write better cold emails.