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The processing method of non - standard precision parts

2018/5/9 17:24:34 Viewers:
The processing of non - standard precision parts is very demanding for precision. To achieve super - lubricated machining appearance and high machining precision, the nature of the tool is very high, and the quality of the machined surface will be reduced if the tool is worn out. Moreover, in ultra precision cutting, unlike the general cutting rules, the cutting speed is not restricted by the standard age of tool.

The minimum speed is generally chosen in the processing of non - standard precision parts. This is based on the transmission characteristics and cutting characteristics of the ultra precision machine tool, because the minimum surface roughness can be made at the minimum speed, so the processing quality is the most Gao. Of course, the premise is to ensure the quality of machine tools to drive high cutting speed and ensure the efficiency of machining.

The processing of non standard precision parts should be selected according to the parameters of cutting tools, cutting speed, cutting depth and feed speed. According to previous experience, we know that in the process of processing plastic data, if the cutting tools of the larger front angle can be used to suppress the composition of the scraps, the cutting force is reduced and cut when the front angle of the tool is increased. The cutting deformation is small, and the contact length between the tool and chip decreases, which reduces the foundation of the built-up edge. Our company is an enterprise specializing in the manufacture of non - standard metal parts, which has been made for many years in the manufacturing of precision metal parts such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, etc. of 0.5- 20mm.

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