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Secret of e-commerce details page

2018/6/5 10:57:15 Viewers:
For the baby master map, the Title Optimization, the selling point expression, the details of the introduction, I believe that these are not strange to us, because they really affect the transformation of our shops. Today, Xiaobian wants to discuss with you the optimization of shop details page.

There is no doubt that the details page is the most important page in a shop, because every detail page is the landing page of the flow entrance. It is not only responsible for answering questions and puzzles, but also changing the list, and also playing the role of deep browsing.  The details page consists of three parts, namely, visual, copywriting and layout, and the three are indivisible.

One: Everything starts from the vision

The importance of vision is self-evident. On the one hand, the appearance of the products and brands can not be separated from the vision. On the one hand, the electric business can not see the object, and all depends on the vision. So the vision is almost the most important part of the e-commerce marketing means. It is often said that the biggest disadvantage of online versus offline is the inability to perceive products. This is not false, but in the visual presentation, the line has a bigger advantage than the line. Using the flat design of the sky and the sky, and the model with beautiful personality, the visual sense of the line can show the beauty of the product, and it can attract the eyeballs of the consumers. Therefore, we must grasp this advantage and create a completely different feeling and effect through visual design, style presentation or value creation.
For visual design, all efforts are for the purpose of "conveying" two words. Vision is not equal to vision itself. The task of vision is to convey things to users: why should we choose this product? What are the benefits of the product? How to make users feel intuitively? How do you affect the user's decision? No matter what visual plan we want to build, we must grasp the core of "communication" so that we will not deviate from the direction.

The elements of vision to be conveyed:
1, aesthetic feeling: man is a visual animal, and vision is related to aesthetics. And the aesthetic is top-down, even if the pursuit of cheap low price customers, do not mind the brand shop page to create a more beautiful point. People's eyeballs are always attracted by the "beautiful" vision first. Although everyone's aesthetic is subjective, the aesthetic of the masses has a unified standard, for example, the arrangement of words, alignment, gathering, white, noise reduction, contrast and other arrangement principles, if not to follow, will destroy the overall aesthetic.
2, brand temperament: brand in the visual creation, in addition to the aesthetic, but also the image of the brand positioning, such as brand VI, positioning perception, and so on, the basic elements of these brands, through fine planning and design, and adhere to a long and consistent delivery, so that more users can get the cognition, the second is deepened Brand influence gives consumers a brand image.

Two: the plan of copywriting
Because the mobile phone screen is small, if we use a screen to display the information content of a PC page through the mobile end, the information will be crowded and the text will become less clear. That is, the mobile terminal directly copies the PC picture vision, the biggest problem - the copywriting is invalid. To solve this problem, we need to make different designs for mobile visual copy. In particular, the following principles should be followed:
1, enlarge the title, enlarge the title text on the picture, play a clear role, and summarize the total information with fewer words. This can increase the attractiveness of users, even if users glance at it hastily, and know what you want to express.
2, reduce the content of the copywriting, the copywriting is not much in essence, the copywriting of the mobile end is especially so, the text is too many, in a small screen, either it appears too small, not easy to read, or too many words, affecting the display of the picture.
3, the text is clearly displayed, writing is an important part of the vision. It is both an explanation and a supplement. It is also very important to make a clear display of the copywriting. First, the picture background, the background of the text must be simple and clean, and the presentation of the text. Secondly, when long text descriptions are required, row spacing should be arranged as much as possible to increase the row spacing, so as to facilitate the clear display of the text.
In fact, no matter how we present the product at the mobile end, the details that we see through the product are not compared to the PC end, so the details of the product and the detail close-up can make up for this shortcoming. Of course, we must follow the principle of vertical screen when designing.

Three: detail page arrangement
The details page is an important place to convey information, so understand the core issue of the details page:
1, who you are: let the customer know what you sell and convey the location of the store.
2, what is the use of your product to users? That is, knowing the pain points of customers, and highlighting product selling points accordingly. But no matter what any product can bring to the user, that is, the selling point is impossible only one, if there are many selling points, we should understand the choice and focus, because "too many selling points, equal to no selling point".
3, why choose you: when you encounter homogeneity or similar style, users will always be faced with the problem of choice, that is, why do users choose you? In addition to shaping the excellent sense of the product itself, it can also be analyzed from the perspective of "competing products contrast", to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, and to highlight itself.