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Principle of division of CNC Machining

2019/8/8 15:35:49 Viewers:

Principle of division of CNC Machining

CNC Machining process can be distinguished by two different principles, i.e. machining set principle and process distribution principle.

(1) Procedure Set Principle

CNC Machining set principle refers to that no process contains as much processing content as possible, so as to reduce the total number of processes. The principle of CNC Machining set is applicable to workpiece processing on efficient special equipment and CNC machine tools. The advantages of selecting the principle of process set are: increasing the production efficiency; reducing the number of processes, reducing the process route, simplifying the production plan and organizational work; reducing the basic number, the number of manipulators and the area occupied; reducing the number of workpiece clamping, not only ensuring the mutual position accuracy between the processing surfaces, but also reducing the fixture. Number and auxiliary time of clamping workpiece. However, the investment of CNC Machining equipment and industrial equipment is large, it is difficult to adjust and maintain, and the production planning cycle is long, which is not conducive to conversion.

(2) Distribution principle of CNC Machining

The process distribution is to distribute the workpiece processing in more CNC Machining processes, and the processing content of each process is very small. CNC Machining distribution principle is applicable to simple structure of processing equipment and process equipment. The advantages of selecting the principle of process distribution are that the processing equipment and process equipment are simple to operate, easy to adjust and maintain, and easy to transfer production. It is conducive to selecting the correct cutting parameters and reducing the time of maneuvering. However, the Machining route is long, the area is large, the number of equipment and workers required is large, and the processing accuracy is greatly affected by the skill level of manipulators.