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Maybe a list can change the fate of a company.

2018/6/13 14:42:21 Viewers:
Perhaps a list can change the fate of a company, and do not despise anyone or anything.
I am made of powder metallurgy products.
On December 10, 2017, Sunday morning, 10, I received a phone call from the north. Are you a manufacturer of powder metallurgy products? I have two products with a lot of demand here. A king of our company is looking at the market in Zhejiang. It is required to choose a regular manufacturer with strong strength, technical strength and management. Can you come to your company in the afternoon to see it?
Yes, of course, I said. But in my mind, we have a rest in the factory today. If the customers come, I can't see the hot work scene, and I myself and my wife and children just play outside. If I come in the afternoon, I have to finish the journey.
But the customer is God, can not let go of every opportunity to share business and products with customers, the customer's request is military intelligence, must meet their needs. Next, I said to my client, "good afternoon, I will wait for Wang Zong in the company."
We also ended our little journey early and went back to the factory to wait for Wang Zong to come.
But when more than 5 of the customers did not come, the letter to Wang asked the general situation, Wang said that because of the time in Wenzhou can not be arranged, tomorrow morning to my company.
At 9:30 in the morning of No. 11, Wang did come to our company to investigate and negotiate. We talked very happily. Wang's general professional and personality charms are quite strong, but there are many problems to be solved. From the customer's needs, we have accumulated many years of technical experience and contacts. It is ignorant.
In the end, we won this small list, if done well enough to change the fate of our company.
Thank you, Mr. Wang, thank you for your generation. Thanksgiving life, we will work harder!
High quality, high service, almost the same price, at the same time, be good at grasping every opportunity and moving, honesty, enthusiasm, Thanksgiving hospitality, fate will tilt to us.