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Which material is good for bathroom hooks, stainless steel hooks and brass hooks?

2018/5/25 8:54:43 Viewers:
1, copper copper hook electroplating chromium color, if it is enough, it is longer than stainless steel hook durable and bright, appear noble, but the price is not very expensive, generally in the 250~1200 yuan. But many manufacturers are electroplating decorative chromium, so the product has the possibility of coating desalting, plus the coating is not enough thick sealing enough, will make copper volatile copper green, if you want to choose copper must choose the well-known manufacturer's products.
2, stainless steel hook also has defects, if it is to use 201.202 of the material production is easy to rust, but the price is cheap 30~60 yuan, if the use of 304 to do a lot of effect, if good polishing and electrolytic treatment, and then durable and beautiful, price between 60~200 yuan (because of the problem of thick and thin material). There are A3 products re plating products 3 years after all rust, and space aluminum is also easy to grow powder, and hardness is not enough, so you have to choose good, see the material. Choose the product to see your own needs, if you want to have a grade, durable, or choose 304 stainless steel, although the price is more expensive, but if you pay attention to maintenance, you can use more than ten years of stainless steel bathroom hook and copper bathroom hook comparison.
Advantages of stainless steel hooks

1, the bathroom hook made of stainless steel has a great advantage in beauty, luxury, hygiene, environmental protection, durability, price and other aspects relative to the copper bathroom hook.
2, it is good for beauty. The best way to deal with the surface of copper products is nickel and chromium plating. The quality of electroplating layer is faster than that of the electroplating coating, and the speed is less than 10. Stainless steel kitchenware and tableware are popular all over the world. Because the polished stainless steel products always keep the white luster, never rust, use 10 years, 20 years, 30 years as long as you use clean water on the liniment, it is clean and bright, bright as new.
3, it is beneficial to the health, health and environmental protection of the human body. Copper products will lead to varying degrees and grow copper rust. The stainless steel hook products are acid resistant and alkali resistant, and are free from harmful substances.
4. Durable. The hardness of stainless steel is more than 2 times higher than that of copper. Never rust, never corrode, never deform.
5, the price, cheaper than copper products, stainless steel than copper price, surface treatment without electroplating directly polishing, saving electricity and plating fee, but the hardness of stainless steel is more difficult than copper, low speed, low efficiency, high labor cost. Therefore, there are individual styles which are not suitable for processing, and may not be cheaper than copper.