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Hardware industry sales need patience

2018/6/9 13:13:10 Viewers:
Why others can pick up orders, and you always linger here.

Why do people earn tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, and you can't be ordinary.

Why others can buy new customers back, but you can't.

Service is fundamental, and secondly, it has advantages over quoted prices.

Quality assurance, quality first.

The hardware processing industry is no more than other industries, if a customer identifies your home.

It can be ordered in factories in a few years, which is also different from the fast moving products industry.

Although the hardware industry does not have fast - moving industry orders, it is fast.

But an order is the volume of the whole quarter.

The processing industry needs to be patient and let the customers trust us.

The client's observation now leads to subsequent orders.

A lot of time to pay patience, after all, think back, if customers trust us to support us, we can ensure long-term cooperation!