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A series of classifications for different uses of steel lattice plates

2018/6/8 17:50:37 Viewers:
Series classification of different uses of steel sheet: Series 1 (spacing 30mm) steel lattice plate is the most commonly used type, used in all industrial fields. The range of the loaded flat steel at the center distance of the series steel plate is 30mm, which is in accordance with the standard of the United States. In the whole steel lattice plate series, it has the strongest resistance to the surface punching. It is widely used in power plants, refineries, sewage treatment plants, granaries, chemical plants, highways, airports and wharf platforms, aisles and drains, staircase steps and so on. The rack steel plate can be used in wet and smooth places, especially for offshore oil production platforms. Series 2 (spacing 40mm) steel plate is the most economical and lightweight, a fixed platform, aisle and staircase, in line with the British standard. In a small span, this is the most ideal product. It is the most ideal product, even under the load of the transport corridor, and can be used as the shelf of the warehouse, the panel of the pavilion, the Zhanqiao. The protection fence, the sun curtain, etc. Series 3 (spacing 60mm) steel grate is a variety developed especially for the application of mining industry. It solves the problem of mineral splashing on the board surface. This series of steel plates has a nominal size of 50*60mm, allowing most of the spatter to wear down, thus ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the plate surface. This product is often assigned to the plate surface in the crushing system, the walkway on the conveyor line, the ball mill, the processing plant and the running station. As a new type of engineering material, steel grid plate is used as a platform, Zhanqiao, bridge, highway guardrail, ditch cover board, fence, gate and other facilities in the fields of metallurgy, energy, ship, municipal, petrochemical, transportation, building materials, national defense and other fields. At present, about 270 thousand tons of steel lattice board are needed in our country. Therefore, the market prospect of steel grid plate is very broad.