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Operation and explanation of MD11 system of CNC shearing machine

2018/6/15 11:17:30 Viewers:
The logarithm of the test point: press this key to indicate the brightness of the logarithm, the current position of the rear gear is measured with a ruler, and then the number is input and then the logarithm state is dropped and then a logarithmic key will be returned to the main picture.
Cycle / single step: single step state, it can only run the current program, only the counting function is set a certain number, the main tool holder or slider is down, the number is minus one value, until the value is zero, the running light is extinguished.
Circular press this key, the cycle light is bright, the current program running times of zero, will immediately jump to the next program running, so round, to stop running, the need to run / stop key, run the lights out.
Programming: press the programming key, press the programming key, the word of the program box begins to flicker, then you can enter the number of program number (0-9) to be changed, then according to ENT, then the count column flash, the number of input to run, then ENT, then the block value column, input the required value, and then press ENT, to complete programming, press programming key. Sign out。
Program selection: press this button to select the program to run or modify immediately.
Run / stop: press this button to stop the operation of the motor immediately, then press start to run the program.