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Rotary vane vacuum pump correct cleaning method

2018/10/31 16:23:48 Viewers:
  Rotary vane vacuum pumps are widely used in cleaning systems. This type of vacuum pump is well suited for this type of application and is therefore the standard pump in the drying process of the cleaning system. The rotary vane vacuum pump has a long service life and a powerful vacuum generator with a high vacuum level. However, when it comes to a cleaning process with a high probability of steam generation, the rotary vane vacuum pump does not always prevent condensation from occurring during the suction removal of the vacuum pump. At the same time, the condensate is emulsified by vacuum pump oil. This may result in insufficient lubrication of the rolling bearings and rotating blades, resulting in wear of the vacuum pump components, and suction performance and expected vacuum may also be affected. These effects can be maintained by increasing the vacuum pump oil and filters more frequently and the overall operating cost increases.